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Frequently Asked Questions

adorsysis a German fintech company focused on creating innovative technology solutions for the financial industry.

They offer a free 12-month pre-employment training program in Full-Stack Cloud-Based Software Engineering in Bangangté, Cameroon. Expert trainers from Germany guide participants through comprehensive lab-based training, covering front-end to back-end development with a special focus on cloud technologies.

  • Graduates who successfully complete the program are eligible to join adorsys’ Service Center in Bangangté as Full-Stack Cloud-Based Software Engineers, working on exciting international projects.
  • Joining adorsys opens doors to endless opportunities in the digital world. As an innovative German IT consultancy, adorsys is dedicated to fostering digital innovation and pushing technological boundaries. With strong partnerships and cutting-edge solutions, adorsys has established itself as an industry leader. By participating in the trainee program, you'll work alongside experienced professionals, gain valuable skills, and be part of a dynamic team shaping the future of technology. Don't miss this incredible opportunity to kickstart your career with adorsys.

No, adorsys is not a school. It is a German fintech company offering a 12-month Pre-Employment Training Program in Full-Stack Cloud-Based Software Engineering in Bangangté, Cameroon. The program covers various software development technologies and methodologies, led by expert trainers from Germany.

  • Trainees gain hands-on experience and collaborate with seasoned professionals on real-world projects. While the program does not issue official academic certificates, trainees can earn globally recognized certifications from LPIC, Amazon, Microsoft, and Google, as well as support for an online bachelor’s degree.
  • Upon successful completion of all exams, trainees have the opportunity to join adorsys’ Service Center in Bangangté as Full-Stack Cloud-Based Software Engineers and work on international projects.

The adorsys GIS pre-employment Trainee Program is an immersive training program designed to nurture aspiring software engineers and equip them with the necessary skills and knowledge to thrive in the industry. It offers a unique opportunity to work with adorsys, a leading fintech company, and gain hands-on experience in software development.

You will have the following mission under the guidance of your German trainer:

  • Acquire touch typing skills, which involve typing on a computer using all ten fingers.
  • Work with Linux-based operating systems 
  • Programming in HTML5, CSS/Sass/SCSS, JavaScript, TypeScript, Python, Rust
  • Front-end development: React.js (Redux, Redux Saga), Vue.js (Quasar, Vue Router, Vuex, Vue Loader, Nuxt.JS, SSR, Vue DevTools, Vue CLI); React Native
  • Back-end development: Node.js, Express.js, Nest.js
  • Databases: SQL: MySQL; NoSQL: MongoDB
  • Design, build and manage automated build and deployment processes
  • Setting up and managing monitoring, vulnerability scanning, and logging 
  • Solving technical and conceptual challenges
  • Continuous development through the use and evaluation of new technologies
  • Implementation of tools from the CNCF Landscape


The pre-employment trainee program spans a period of 12 months, allowing participants to immerse themselves in comprehensive software engineering training and enhance their skills. The application deadline is set for July 31, 2024.

The training program is scheduled to start in September and will continue until August of the following year.

Throughout the program, you will receive dedicated guidance and mentorship from experienced industry experts who are committed to your growth and success. You will have access to valuable resources, training materials, and a supportive learning environment to enhance your skills.

The certificates you will receive from this training are recognized worldwide. These include certifications from Google, Amazon, LPIC, and more.

We encourage you to do some research to see the value and recognition of these certifications.

You can also refer to:
Linux Professional Institute Certification Programs. This should give you insight about LPIC (one of the certifications).

The trainee program is designed for recent or soon-to-be high school graduates of the General Certificate of Education Advanced Level.

We are currently accepting applications from candidates who meet the following requirements:

  • Have A-Level with A/B+ in Maths or Baccalaureat with equivalent grades
    • Have completed high school with a General Certificate of Education Advanced Level and obtained a minimum grade of in Pure Mathematics.
    • Baccalaureat C, D, E, or TIC with at least 14.00 points in Mathematics and excellent English grades for Francophone applicants, with an overall average grade of at least "Mention Bien"
  • Age 17 to 21 for A-Level applicants
  • Age 22 to 23 for current college students
  • Age 24 for bachelor's degree holders
  • Passion for IT and a desire to make a difference
  • Be willing to relocate to our Training Center in Bangangté upon selection.

If you meet these requirements and are ready to take the next step in your career, we encourage you to apply for our Full-stack cloud-based software engineering Trainee Program today!


No. Whether you are from a university or have just completed your A levels, no one has an upper hand in the selection process. We do not consider your educational background. During the training program, everyone is taught equally, from the basics to advanced levels. Regardless of whether you have a bachelor's degree or not, you will be taught and treated the same.

To be eligible for the training program, a valid baccalauréat certificate is necessary. Unfortunately, applicants who have not obtained their baccalauréat will not be considered for this program. We strongly encourage individuals who are currently preparing for their baccalauréat to prioritise their studies and obtain the certificate, as this is a requirement for participation in the program.

Yes, individuals below the age of 17 are not eligible to participate in the pre-employment trainee program.
Additionally, one of the reasons for the age requirement is that the trainee program aims to prepare participants for potential employment opportunities. To be eligible for employment and sign a contract in accordance with the laws and regulations of Cameroon, individuals must typically be at least 18 years old. Therefore, the age restriction ensures that candidates who successfully complete the program are of legal working age and can be considered for job opportunities that may arise.

Our aim is to provide a comprehensive and rewarding learning experience for trainees, preparing them for a successful career in software development. We remain committed to fostering a positive learning environment for all applicants who meet the eligibility criteria and are of legal working age.

We encourage younger individuals to explore other educational opportunities available to them, and we will be glad to consider their application once they meet the age requirements. Thank you for your understanding.

The pre-employment training program is specifically tailored for individuals between the ages of 17 and 23. However, if you are up to 24 years old and have a university degree, you are also eligible to apply. If you do not meet these criteria, it is unlikely that you would qualify for this particular training program.

We also consider applicants who are currently enrolled in university or hold the required qualifications, even if they are not writing the Advanced Level exams this year. Our program welcomes first-year university students between the ages of 17 and 20. We encourage them to apply and explore the opportunities available in our trainee program.

If you encounter any challenges while uploading your information, please feel free to email it to

Make sure to submit all the required documents and demonstrate your passion for software engineering.

Required documents while applying:

  1. Transcript of GCE O/L certified (PDF format)
  2. Transcript of Lower-Sixth certified (PDF format)
  3. Transcript of Upper-Sixth certified (PDF format)
  4. GCE A/L Results Slip (PDF Format). If you don't have it available at the moment, there is no problem. You can submit it later once it becomes available
  5. Proof of Identity: Attach a clear, scanned copy of an ID or passport (PDF format)

We kindly advise ensuring the completeness of your application, as only shortlisted candidates will be contacted. Candidates who have fulfilled all the requirements and submitted complete application files by the specified deadline (July 31st, 2024) will be considered eligible to attend the interview in Bangangté. Please keep in mind that your National Identity Card must be presented before the interview.

For such students, a copy of the Upper-Sixth or Terminal Francophone report card in PDF format will be sufficient. We are aware that the results of the Advanced level exams will be available at a later date. If you have access to your advanced results, please include them. However, if you don't have the advanced results yet, please make sure to provide all the other required documents.

Yes, adorsys is open to accepting students with a strong passion for IT, even if they have limited or no prior experience in using computers. While having at least a grade B in pure mathematics will generally ensure a smooth transition into our trainee program, our program is designed to provide comprehensive training in computer usage and various IT skills. Under the guidance of your German trainer, you will have the opportunity to acquire touch typing skills, work with Linux-based operating systems, learn programming languages and frameworks such as HTML5, CSS/Sass/SCSS, JavaScript, Java, TypeScript, Python, React.js, Vue.js, Rust, and more. We believe that with a genuine passion for IT and the willingness to learn, you can thrive in our trainee program.

When we say "possess a passion for IT and a strong desire to make a difference," we mean that we are looking for candidates who are genuinely enthusiastic about information technology and are motivated to use their skills and knowledge to create positive changes. This could mean improving existing technologies, solving real-world problems, or innovating new solutions that can benefit others.

In essence, we want individuals who are not only interested in learning about IT but also eager to apply their knowledge in meaningful ways that can have a significant impact on the community, industry, or even globally.

It is necessary for trainees to bring their own laptops to the training. This allows each participant to have a personalized and familiar working environment during the training sessions. Furthermore, upon successfully completing the training program, each employee will receive a starter kit that includes a Macbook Pro laptop, monitors, and other essential equipment.

By participating in the trainee program, you will have the chance to collaborate with seasoned professionals, work on real-world projects, and develop practical skills that are highly valued in the industry. After successfully completing the program, students become eligible to join our Service Center at Clemios in Bangangté as Full-Stack Cloud-Based Software Engineers, where they’ll work on exciting international projects.

We provide a range of valuable benefits to successful applicants, including:

  • Receive support from trainers and earn American certification throughout the program, as well as globally recognized certificates, including those from LPIC, Amazon, Microsoft, and Google.
  • Opportunity to earn an online bachelor’s degree while working with adorsys.
  • Long-term career opportunities within our organization
    Gain valuable hands-on experience working alongside a team of experts, with guidance from a dedicated German mentor throughout the program.
  • Free accommodation in dormitories, as well as breakfast, lunch, and dinner throughout the training program.
    Work on international projects at adorsys’ Service Centre in Bangangté, Cameroon, contributing to the growth of the IT industry in Africa.
  • Free accommodation in dormitories and offer breakfast, lunch, and dinner throughout the training program. Additionally, we offer support for an online US bachelor’s degree while you work with us.

We are committed to supporting our employees’ growth and development, and we believe that a happy and healthy workforce is key to our success.

The benefits of this offer include free training, accommodation, and food. The program aims to invest in skilled professionals who may contribute to the industry or potentially work with the sponsoring company in the future. Also, when you start working after the training, you’re actually paying back the investment too.

The adorsys Cloud Computing Pre-employment Training Program is a 2-year commitment:

  • 12 months of training followed by
  • 12 months of work with adorsys.

This is a fixed commitment, and participants must complete the full 2-year program. After this period, you are free to pursue other opportunities. If you are not willing to commit to the entire 2 years, this program may not be for you.

Yes, after the 12-month training period, candidates become full employees of adorsys and receive monthly salaries.

We are unable to openly provide specific details about the base salary for trainees who successfully complete our program and secure employment.

The exact details of the base salary will be disclosed to selected candidates before the beginning of the training. It's important to note that the salary is competitive and above the country's average. However, due to legal factors and confidentiality, we cannot disclose the exact amount at this time.

We want to assure you that our program aims to equip trainees with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in their careers. As you progress in your career with us, there is potential for salary growth. Top performers have the opportunity to double their salary within two years, and within four years, there is the potential to double the base salary, including bonuses.

For candidates who have been selected, additional information regarding salaries, bonuses, details on the bachelor's program, and certificates will be provided. We are dedicated to offering valuable opportunities and competitive compensation packages for our graduates.

Following successful completion of the program, we offer employment as a Full-Stack Cloud-Based Software Engineer at our Service Centre in Bangangté, Cameroon. You will have the opportunity to work on international projects.

During the training period, trainees do not receive a salary. However, after successfully completing the 12-month training program, trainees will be offered a working contract with appropriate remuneration.

The training program in software engineering will offer comprehensive instruction and hands-on experience in various software development technologies and methodologies. Trainees will gain in-depth knowledge and practical skills to excel in the field. Upon successful completion of the program, they will have employment opportunities with us.

We offer accommodations and catering services for our trainees in Bangangté. These services ensure that trainees have a comfortable and convenient living environment during their training period. The specifics of the accommodations and catering arrangements can be further discussed and provided upon request.

All the certificates, including the online bachelor degree training, are fully financed by adorsys. This means that trainees do not have to bear any financial burden for obtaining these certifications and advancing their academic qualifications.

adorsys is committed to ensuring the success of the trainees we hire. Our screening process is designed to select students who are capable of passing the exams and meeting the required standards. However, in the rare event that a student consistently struggles with the selected certifications and shows no significant improvement, we may make the decision to release the student from the program and not consider them for further sessions. Our goal is to provide valuable training and employment opportunities to individuals who demonstrate the necessary aptitude and dedication to succeed.

What sets our training program apart is the unique combination of practical experience and academic advancement. While students obtain certificates from reputable organizations like Microsoft and Google to validate their acquired knowledge, the real game-changer is that upon successfully completing the 12-month program, we offer employment and sponsor their online bachelor's degree. This comprehensive approach provides our trainees with both hands-on experience and the opportunity for further academic growth, ensuring their success in the industry.

Although there is no fixed limit on the number of candidates who can apply, we are focusing on selecting the top 20 candidates who fulfill the program's requirements. Our objective is to provide individualized attention and deliver a high-quality learning experience to each participant.

Rest assured, if all 20 candidates successfully pass with good grades, our intention is to offer employment to each one of them.

The shift into software engineering aligns perfectly with our goal of creating sustainable jobs in Africa. The software engineering field has a high demand for skilled professionals, and by providing training in this domain, we are equipping our trainees with the necessary skills to secure employment opportunities in the rapidly growing software industry. This contributes to the overall economic development and job creation in Africa.

Clemios is a renowned company based in Bangangté, Cameroon, specializing in software development outsourcing, out-staffing, and serving as an employer of record. Our primary focus is on building customized technological solutions by providing seamless collaboration with talented software developers from Africa.

Yes, Clemios is a recognized company operating in Cameroon. While we are not an educational institution, we have extensive experience in offering pre-employment internship programs. These programs provide practical training in various fields, such as hardware, firmware, and software development, and offer participants the opportunity for employment upon successful completion. We are committed to providing valuable skills and career opportunities to our trainees in line with industry standards and market demands.

adorsys and Clemios are partners for the training program. They work together to provide comprehensive and high-quality training solutions.

We (Clemios) are immensely grateful for successfully persuading adorsys, a prominent fintech player in Germany and Europe, to establish their Global Infrastructure Service (GIS) in Africa. This decision was made despite the potential options of Eastern Europe or Asia, highlighting the significance of Africa as a strategic location for their operations.

The partnership with adorsys allows us to venture into the field of software engineering, complementing our successful hardware development training. This expansion provides additional training opportunities for students, equipping them with valuable skills in both hardware and software domains.

No, adorsys' initiative is separate from the training program in Bangangté. However, we will be collaborating with adorsys by leveraging our extensive experience in hardware development training to support their project. Our involvement stems from a strong personal interest in empowering African youths with sustainable job opportunities that allow them to thrive on the global stage while maintaining close connections with their families and communities in Africa.

Adorsys and Clemios are partners for the training program. They work together to provide comprehensive and high-quality training solutions.

The partnership with adorsys brings significant benefits to the trainees. They will receive training from experts in the software engineering field, allowing them to acquire specialized skills and knowledge. Additionally, upon successful completion of the program, trainees have the opportunity for employment with adorsys. This collaboration between our company and adorsys contributes to job creation in Africa by providing high-quality training and employment prospects in the thriving software industry.

Yes, the training program in Bangangté is distinct from what adorsys is planning to implement. While our focus in Bangangté has been on hardware development, adorsys specializes in software development. These are two different areas of expertise. However, we have over six years of experience in conducting training programs in hardware development, providing students with practical knowledge and skills. It's worth mentioning that our collaborations extend to the University des Montagnes in Bangangté (UdM), where we work closely with their engineering students in biomedical engineering and computer science. This collaboration allows us to leverage the knowledge and expertise of the Cameroonian diaspora in Germany, resulting in a valuable exchange of experience and practical insights.
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