Published on September 13, 2023

Empowering Africa's Tech Talents: Clemios and adorsys Collaborate to Bridge the Global IT Skills Gap

In today’s era of digital transformation, the shortage of skilled IT professionals has become a global challenge. Europe, in particular, is grappling with a growing deficit of well-trained IT experts. To address this crisis, two visionary companies, Clemios and adorsys, have initiated a groundbreaking project aimed at not only mitigating the shortfall but also nurturing Africa’s emerging tech talent.

After meticulous planning and unwavering dedication, we are excited to announce the launch of our innovative 12-month Software Developer Training Program.

Closing the Global Skills Gap

The digital transformation has generated an insatiable demand for software developers. Clemios, as the Employer of Record for adorsys, recognizes the urgent need to bridge this global skills gap, particularly in Europe, where the shortage of proficient IT professionals hinders technological progress.

Our approach goes beyond knowledge dissemination. It’s about promoting collaboration, sharing expertise, and cultivating a global tech community.

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A Collaborative Initiative

What sets this program apart is its collaborative nature. adorsys team members actively participate, committing to rotate their presence in Cameroon. Their mission is multi-faceted: impart extensive knowledge, mentor emerging talents, and foster international cooperation.

This collaboration demonstrates mutual benefit. Europe gains access to highly skilled professionals, while promising talents in Cameroon receive invaluable training from seasoned experts, positioning them as pivotal figures in the global tech arena. We utilize modern communication tools to bridge the time zone gap between Europe and Africa, making this transcontinental partnership seamless.

Creating the Ideal Learning Environment

In our commitment to empower trainees, Clemios and adorsys go the extra mile. Trainees enjoy complimentary catering for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, along with comfortable dormitory accommodations. With these fundamental needs met, trainees can fully immerse themselves in mastering the intricacies of software development.

Clemios as the Employer of Record

As adorsys’ Employer of Record, Clemios serves as the official representative, managing employment for IT professionals. This strategic role relieves adorsys of the complexities of establishing a separate entity in Africa, enabling them to focus solely on training and mentorship.

Stay Updated on Our Progress

This program represents a transformative opportunity, and Clemios and adorsys are committed to keeping stakeholders informed about their journey. Regular updates, enlightening success stories, and insights into shaping the next generation of African software developers will be shared.

In Conclusion

This program symbolizes more than just an educational opportunity; it signifies the construction of a brighter future for Africa’s tech landscape. By investing in the skills and talents of Africa’s youth, Clemios, as adorsys’ Employer of Record, and adorsys are enriching local communities and contributing to the global tech ecosystem.

Together, they invite you to join their mission to empower the next generation of software developers in Africa and bridge the global IT skills gap.


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